The Island

Indigo Palm is located off the northeast coast of Andros Island in The Bahamas at a secluded resort named Kamalame Cay. Accessible only by private ferry, seaplane or helicopter, this family-owned Bahamian island has graciously catered to guests since 1996. Idyllic and isolated, this oasis of breathtaking natural beauty wraps ocean adventure and island romance in the luxury of a private island experience.

Indigo Palm is a quick flight from major hubs such as New York, Toronto and Miami, yet it is worlds away from Nassau’s trendy, resort-lined beaches. This beautiful cottage, along with Kamalame Cay’s other private accommodations, is tucked into 96 acres of swaying palms and flowering tropical foliage. It’s a lush oasis that’s ringed by three miles of deserted, white-sand beach and colourful coral gardens. The warm, turquoise waters just off shore teem with a myriad of sea life including manta ray, parrotfish, sea turtles, dolphin and clouds of colorful reef fish.

This is an idyllic escape for those whose idea of paradise is a tropical hideaway where a sarong is all that’s required to be “dressed” for dinner.

Modern interpretations of classic Bahamian cuisine combined with sophisticated wines and spirits, comfortable elegant island décor, and one of the only overwater spas in the Caribbean underscore Kamalame Cay’s gracious barefoot chic character.

Traced by white sand pathways, the island’s beautifully landscaped jungle of sea grapes, palms and coco plums is banked by pristine mangrove fields and a pristine coast scattered with conch shells and starfish; the wide variety of birdlife ranges from sandpipers, herons and cranes to finches, pink ibis and pelicans.

Sliced into the silver palms that embrace the island, Kamalame’s Great House serves as a welcoming social hub for dining and cocktails and is just a few steps from the heated, freshwater pool, sweeping ocean views and al fresco beach bar.

With many diversions from spa programs to world-class diving, snorkeling, fishing and sporting excursions, Kamalame takes pleasure in tailoring every guest’s experience to individual tastes.